Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The day after Halloween, at 7:30am... Me, Shanna, and Lyndee left Mesa and headed home for the weekend. The sneaky part, my family had no idea I was coming. I loved pulling in and walking into the backyard and seeing the look on my Dad's face! Haha His reaction was the only one I did like! Everyone else, and I mean EVERYONE else, said, and I quote, "What are you doing here?" It wasn't exactly a joyful expression of words either. I was a little offended. But, I knew they all loved seeing me... =) However, I had stayed up the entire night before cleaning my apartment so when I got there, I crashed. I slept so much that I hardly got to see anyone. But it sure felt good to be home. I loved seeing my family. And being woke up by my nieces never gets old, no matter how many times it happens, I still love it! Especially since I dont get to see them very much. I got to go to lunch with my Mom at El Charo and she even made me some Enchilada sauce to take home. Which by the way, a week later, is gone... It was a short 30 hours I spent at home before I was headed back to Mesa. I left just before sunset and was able to capture a few beautiful pictures of what everyone SHOULD see when the sun goes down. However, in the city you dont get to see it this way. I miss home very much and I certainly didnt want to leave. But I know I'm up here for a reason and it wont be much longer until I can go back home and stay there. Hopefully. Here are the pictures....

Halloween Madness

The night before Halloween was crazy! I went to Shanna's house to decorate cookies. Little did we know that we would be up all night with a sugar high. We had our fun decorating cookies and I had the briliant idea to go "Pumpkin Attack" our friend's door. So, we finished our cookies and when Mary got home we made a bunch of pumpkins and wrote messages on them. We got to their apartment at midnight that night. To make sure we didnt make too much noise while we were by their door, we put all the tape on the pumpkins ahead of time and well... uh, taped them to Shanna. Haha We had alot of fun doing it and it sure made their friday (Halloween) alot better when they woke up to find their door covered with little pumpkins covered with messages. We call ourselves the Halloween Fairies. Unfortunately, I didnt feel up to going out on Halloween. But I sure did have a ton of fun the night before!