Monday, August 9, 2010

Back in Gilbert, Back to My Life

I didn't know how much I missed my (boring) life until I get pulled away from it for 17 days! After being home in Thatcher taking care of my grandma and being around family for just over two weeks, I was ready to come home to Gilbert! I don't have much of a life these days but I sure love that I'm back where I belong. One last day with family was great though! After I got back, my sister's family, my brother's family and I all went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse (my favorite by the way) and we had such a good time! It was really nice to get together with them. Afterward, my sister and her family came over to my apartment and taught me a new game. It's called Dice and is so fun! They were here until after 11:00 last night and I crashed! I was so happy to be in my own bed in my own apartment!! This week is full of little chores and appointments that makes it feel so great to be back! I still have a few things left to put up in my new apartment and meetings for school and doctor's appointments in addition to trying to have a social life. I'm excited for school to start next week and I can't wait to see what happens in life. But I do know one thing is for sure... I'm extremely glad to be home.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Growing in a world of NO change...

This summer is finally almost over! I have been through so many ups and downs in the past few months. One thing that I've had on my mind all day is how much my world around me impacts my life. I have found myself sitting here hoping and praying for something to change, something to be different in the situations I'm faced with. But time and time again, it's the same situation even though it's a different time. And while I was hoping and praying for change, I never stopped to think that I was the one changing and growing through it all. So, to some up my summer... I spent it growing in a world of NO change. And I'm OK with that. Because from everything that I see and witness in my life, I can take in and look at things differently. I can handle things differently. And most importantly, I can become a different person than those who are setting 'examples' (good or bad) for me. I don't have to follow everyone else or anyone's life pattern. I'm here to make my own mark in life and that's what I plan on doing. My world may not change, but I will.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Most Beautiful Temple...

... to ever serve the people of the Rocky Mountains will be built in "THE" Gila Valley. That's right... a long awaited temple will soon be in my hometown of Central, AZ. It will be in the heart of the Gila Valley where Pioneers first began to settle. This temple has been prophesied from way back in the day and now, in my day, I get to witness it. Oh how those hard working pioneers must feel about us getting our temple. Not only is it coming but it will be right across the highway from my parents house and you will be able to see it from our backyard. My best friend Lisa's dad got the bid to do all of the concrete work for the temple. What a great blessing and an amazing experience to take part in the "foundation" of our temple. My family had the wonderful priveledge to sit in the freezing cold for over an hour to see the groundbreaking and listen to wonderful testimonies. My dad was able to help out with parking and my uncle and part of his family even came all the way from Wyoming for this specail occasion. How truly we are blessed to have such a wonderful temple be built in our backyard. I cant wait to see the finished project! Below is a "pre-picture" of what it will look like. Isn't it beautiful?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday! Go Cardinals!

In light of our very own hometown team making it to the Super Bowl for the first time in history, we decided to celebrate. Luckily I had a homework assignment reguarding the Super Bowl for Psychology so I was able to go home and get two birds, well three, with one stone. Not only did I get to watch the Super Bowl and get my homework done, I was able to spend time with my wonderful family. It never hits me how hard I miss them until I get to spend time with them. Especially my sister's kids. We had alot of fun watching the game. The food was good and the so was the game. The outcome was heartbreaking. We all know the Cardinals deserved to win. The ref's sucked and the Steelers are stupid poor sports. But, I still enjoyed being home and being around great people. My sister even learned a thing or two about football. At least I think she did... =) All in all it was great fun and I cant wait til we are all together again! They wont admit it but they miss me everyday too....

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year... New Look

The New Year always brings new things to life. We all make our 'goals' that we all know we will never accomplish. I too made goals for the year and I am determined to stick to it and reach them. Last year was a rough year for me. I went through alot from graduating EAC to moving to starting a new school and two new jobs. I rode in the front seat of the emotional rollercoaster. This year I have high hopes for a better life and new adventures. I guess you can say I have a new look on life. Not only did I change my views of life and of the expectations of this year, I changed my own look. I randomly went to Sally's the day after Christmas with Shanna and bought hair dye. I got really sick and was unable to dye it the next day like I wanted to and by the time New Year's Eve came around I was starting to change my mind about dying it. It was a dark red/brown color and I had never done something that extreme before. I have never dyed my hair one solid color. Just highlights. Well, after doing all this great thinking during my down time while being sick, I decided to just do it. So, at 9pm on New Year's Day, I got the dye out and went at it. At first I thought I looked like a Goth and I will admit, I cried. I hated it. I went to work the next day and got alot of compliments on it so I decided I would give it another try. Then yesterday on my way to Wal-Mart I decided to get it cut. I went to this little walk in place next to Sally's and chopped it all off. There's definately no turning back now. I got up this morning and got ready for church. After doing my hair and putting my new BedHead makeup on, I felt so much better. I'm starting to really like it and I sure dont care if others do or not. I went out on a limb and changed my look. Something that I normally would never do. I'm pretty proud of myself. Here's the pictures...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Not My Time...

Some people that I told this story to didnt think anything of it but I like to think it was a miracle... I was on my way home last Friday night. Home to Thatcher that is. I had just gotten out of the mountains and was in Miami. I was driving in the outside lane and was directly even with another small car next to me. All of the sudden I see him trying to run me off the road. I swirved to my right to dodge him and notice I was going to hit a big pole. Without me thinking about it, my car swirved in the other direction, spun two times around and stopped facing on-coming traffic. Last time I noticed, there were rather a few of us cars traveling together and there were cars going the other direction. After dashing, well, spinning across 3 lanes, I managed to not hit a single one. Now, if you know me, you know how I drive. My music is ALWAYS on, my phone is ALWAYS in my lap, and I NEVER drive with my hands at 10 and 2. For some crazy reason, I turned my music off, my phone was in my purse, and my hands were at 10 and 2. I was in full control and most importantly ALERT when this happened. The other car didnt if hesitate to finish getting into my lane and speed off. I hurried and got back into my lane and was suddenly at that instant surrounded by all the same cars again. How did I NOT hit a single one? How did my car swirve the other way, missing the pole? I immediately began to freak out and called my mom. I was histerical. Nothing like this has ever happened to me and I really did think, no, I KNEW that I was going to wreck and get severely hurt. I should've. There was no logical way of getting around a wreck. But I did. My car was fine, I was fine, and everyone else on the road was fine. I pulled off the side of the road and calmed down. I took my time driving the rest of the way, still very much freaked out to drive. I got home and went and layed on my mom's bed and just cried and cried. She repeatedly told me that someone was watching over me. I told her that as I was on my way home from Globe, and was thinking about the whole scenerio, I realized that I needed turn my wheel the other way. She replied, "You didnt." Brings a whole new meaning to Carrie Underwood's hit song "Jesus Take The Wheel." I kept crying and my mom reassured me that Angels watch over us and that Heavenly Father protects us. If it isn't our time to go, we dont go. It sure enough was NOT my time... I cried the whole way from Globe to Thatcher crying my eyes out praying and thanking my Father in Heaven for saving my life that night. I should've wrecked. If anything else, it was a testimony strengthener for me and I consider myself very blessed to still be here.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

My First Christmas Not Living At Home

When growing up there comes a certain reaching point when its the first time you are away from home for the holidays. Unfortunately, this year is that year for me. I have always been one who starts Christmas back in October. Ask my family. At home I would always make my mom drag the Christmas decorations out as soon as possible. I loved the movies, the music, the lights. Everything. This year I have been having a hard time with being away for most of the "Holiday Season". I am able to go home for the actual holidays but I wont be there to help bake Christmas goodies and I didnt help with the tree or I wont get to watch my mom wrap. All of these things, as weird as it sounds, I love and miss very much! My favorite thing to do was to decorate and when we finished, and the house was clean, me and my mom sat with Christmas music playing and drank hot chocolate with all of the lights turned off and the Christmas lights on. She doesnt even have to question whether or not I will do it. As hard as it is being away, I had fun decorating my OWN place for Christmas. And I sure did sit with hot chocolate and listened to Christmas music while all the lights were off except my tree lights. It wasnt has meaningful alone as it is at home but the tradition still lives on. My mom got really mad at me when I told her I took the "Ugly Santa". This stupid Santa has been in our family since my oldest brother's first Christmas. It is the ugliest thing you will ever see in your life but it means alot to us kids. And I sure brought it home with me. At night when I'm really missing home and hate the fact that I'm up here, I lay on my couch and look at my tree and hug the "Ugly Santa". I absolutely love this time of year and I dont think I will ever grow out of it. I'm a kid at heart when it comes to Christmas. I cant wait!