Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Growing in a world of NO change...

This summer is finally almost over! I have been through so many ups and downs in the past few months. One thing that I've had on my mind all day is how much my world around me impacts my life. I have found myself sitting here hoping and praying for something to change, something to be different in the situations I'm faced with. But time and time again, it's the same situation even though it's a different time. And while I was hoping and praying for change, I never stopped to think that I was the one changing and growing through it all. So, to some up my summer... I spent it growing in a world of NO change. And I'm OK with that. Because from everything that I see and witness in my life, I can take in and look at things differently. I can handle things differently. And most importantly, I can become a different person than those who are setting 'examples' (good or bad) for me. I don't have to follow everyone else or anyone's life pattern. I'm here to make my own mark in life and that's what I plan on doing. My world may not change, but I will.