Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Ok, so me and Shanna love having fun... Random fun. But we usually always end up doing something that we ALWAYS do... While talking about doing something way different, we came up with Skateland! We went to check prices and found out that on that particular night, Christians got in for FREE!! SCORE! I'm glad LDS is also Christian! We had so much fun, even falling was a ton of fun. The last time I fell, I took Lyndee out with me and some old guy! LOL It sure made everyone smile though! I fell so hard! I landed on my head and I could've sworn I broke my arm! But luckily, I just bruised it pretty bad and tore some skin off... I cant wait to go again!


lofgreenlegacy said...

O' my gosh, I totally want to go now! It looks like so much fun! We will definately have to go when we can get all the fam down to Mesa sometime. Maybe we could even get mom and dad to go :)! Thatd be hilarious!

Halie Berryhill said...

Haha it was so much fun! They actually do private parties there... I highly doubt that Mom and Dad would go. They would go to watch but thats about it... Haha It was a ton of fun! I want to go again!

Windsor World said...

Hey Halie,
Looks like you are having a blast in Mesa!!! Makes me kinda want to move back!! (Kinda) I'm glad that I can catch up with you in the blogger world :) Have fun and be safe... Missy