Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Poem For School

Ok, so I'm taking a literature course at MCC. Right now we are doing our poetry section and one of our assignments was to actually write a poem. I'm so not good with words of any kind, especially when trying to put them in a poem! But I knew right away what I wanted to write about. My sister Heather. It is due tomorrow, Wednesday the 22nd and I just barely wrote it. It took about 3 hours to write and perfect it. I'm pretty proud of it I'm not going to lie. Please tell me what you think! And Hope... YOU HAVE TO READ IT!

For Heather
By: Halie Berryhil

The womb is where it started to bind
The painful, lifelong storm
Cancer is what they soon would find
Shortly after you were born.

Eight months later, how you grew
Getting bigger by the day
Not knowing the tumor grew too
Doctors knew not what to say.

Three years to live is what they said
After surgery number one.
Two weeks later it’s found in the head
They prayed it would soon be done.

Some would say, “Daddy’s Lil’ Champ”
And Mom would start to cry.
Dad replied with his eyes real damp,
“It’s my Princess you passed by.”

You continued to grow past the age of three
Blind to that in store.
You went on with life and waited to see
What’s behind the next door?

Things fell apart, your heart went bad
But up that list you moved
Trying to be happy while others were sad
Hoping the pain would soon be soothed.

Then the day came when you got the call
Your heart was on it’s way.
Only at age 9 you stood real tall
For you were a Hero that day.

Surgery went good, but recovery long
Couldn’t do what the others did.
Didn’t really know where you belong
Just wanted to be a kid.

Few years later, still going strong
Through High School, Boys and Prom
Wondering if life would be very long
Would you ever be a mom?

Time went on, your heart began to fail
Another transplant was in order
It was then that your storm started to hail
And you realized life’s getting shorter.

Two years you suffered and started to fade
Six months is what they gave you
We hoped goodbye would be delayed
And we would go away too.

The day would come faster than we hope
That you would shut your eyes
How awful it would be just trying to cope
And getting through the goodbyes.

A Daughter, Sister, Friend and Hero
The date will always be
2-22-02 that your pain dropped to zero
But the pain is with US you see.

Twenty-one years was too young to die
Our tears could fill the Sea.
The hardest thing to say is, “Bye”
But I know you’re watching me.

Dedicated to:
Heather Sharee Berryhill
6-12-1980 to 2-22-02

I love you and miss you.


Windsor World said...

That is BEAUTIFUl, I'll probley cry the rest of the day!! All I can say is you better get an A! Thanks for sharing...

The Richards said...

Halie, its AMber, just wanted to let you know your poem really touched me, i sure miss heather. Good job, i cant write poems at all!